Wireless Development

Hardware, software and placement

The wireless design and development reaches wireless design engineering professionals across the wireless broadband, telecommunication, cellular and satellite communications, military and aerospace, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, medical equipment, industrial, and test equipment industries. With wireless design and development you can be sure your message is reaching the right individuals. Your advertising impacts an audience of decision-makers identified by name and business and industry. Internet of Thing has been with us for years, but it is finally beginning to blossom into the network of billions of connected devices predicted by many. Two major growth areas are consumer and industrial. For example, in the consumer space there is an ever-increasing number of wearable products launching. Fitness watches are popular as are shoe insoles and other devices for monitoring physical attributes such as pulse and actions like number of steps taken. Medical wearables are also growing in number, making critical monitoring easier. Successful devices offer some real benefit and convenience or some addictive behavior. Some such products include thermostats, smart phone video monitors, door locks, and lighting. Many consumers have trouble seeing any real convenience or monetary advantage in products like Wi-Fi® refrigerators or other appliances. Some say that the most successful IoT products will be those accompanied by some related service.