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Frequently Asked Questions

In the CWNES website, have sought to provide as much information as we can for those interested in or already for the CWNES career certifications. Nevertheless, we have summarised below a number of the most frequently asked questions which are regularly asked.

What is a CWNES career certifications?

The CWNES career certifications program's focus is explicitly on the knowledge and on-the-job experience that a practicing wireless network professional (licensed and unlicensed bands) needs to be successful globally in this industry.

Which wireless network Standards are supported?

Cover all unlicensed band wireless networks (for example: 802.11series) and some licensed bands for wireless communications networks (for example: satellite communications).

What has changed in the CWNES career certifications?

Understanding of wireless networks, measuring, calculating, design and architecture, implementation and use of appropriate tools are very important in CWNES career certifications, which is less common in other models.

How do I get CWNES career certifications?

After studying and practice and ensure the ability to respond to inquiries, can take the CWNES career certifications after successfully in official exam. Has different ways that you can increase your level of knowledge and competence to maximize for take CWNES career certifications.

How to find a job to help me?

Employers always looking people who are creative, skilled, distinctive, effective, with high technical knowledge. If you wish to participate actively in the wireless network, Shorten the path to your dreams by the CWNES career certifications. In finally will ensure that you are the best choice for wireless network job position.

What is the validity of certificates?

Due to major changes and growing communication technology, accordingly all skills will be changed. The all CWNES career certifications (except for some of them) have three years validity.

How and when can I wireless learn?

You can learning the wireless networks technology by accelerator kits, official virtual learning, attending in official classes or participate in workshops.

One More Question?

If you have more questions, send us a message and we will answer you as soon as possible.