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Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), is a powerful term that is regularly abused to refer to business services structure rather than an architectural approach, in the same was as Object Oriented Design was abused to refer to programming languages rather than a fundamentally different approach to design.

At the service is explicitly only focused on the first element of either a business process, enterprise architecture, solution architecture or project engagement. The objective here is the first few days, and at most weeks, of a task to either map an enterprise’s services, re-engineer its processes or to deliver an IT project for that organisation.

  • Why services need to be defined.
  • The importance of a common language.
  • How to discover what are the primary business services.
  • How to identify shared and supporting services.
  • How to define the interactions between services at a high level.
  • How to categorise services to help with management.

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The reason for this is that these other elements all augment the basic service model, it is therefore critical that that service model is done before all of these other elements are at tempted. Otherwise the architecture can not be said to be service oriented.

All products and solutions that are produced are based on a centralized services that customers have always expected from us, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

A service architecture follows a broadly four step process, or more accurately delivers three stages of the process and provides the direction for the fourth:

  • What: Defining the scope of services, this about determine what the services actually are.
  • Who: Who are the external actors that drive the services or with which the services interact.
  • Why: Identifying why one service talks to another, and why external actors interact with the services.
  • How: The detail about the processes that co-ordinate the services and also the detail on how a service itself will be implemented.