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The Engineering is operational combination of mathematics, scientific knowledge, economic, social, and practical for the purpose of invention, innovation, design, construction, maintenance, research, and improve the structure, machinery, tools, systems, components, materials, processes and solutions to improve the lives of the human.

To solve a problem, you must change something. If you don't, then the problem continues unresolved or matters take care of themselves. In neither case can you take credit for solving the problem.

The engineering solutions might be broad or narrow in scope, quite complex or extremely simple, and short lived or long in duration. A solution might cost a few dollars or many millions, and require the efforts of only one or a few persons or it might involve a cast of hundreds or even thousands. Thus, the term solution encompasses courses of action that range from mundane, everyday acts such as repairing a device to feats of organizational artistry such as turning around a failing company.


Industrial and Energy

Energy suppliers are investing in wireless solutions to help transition to a low-carbon economy and change the way power is transmitted and consumed. Using Smart Grid wireless technologies, they are optimizing electricity generation and distribution, shifting demand loads and lowering operational costs to make better use of the available energy supply. Oil, gas, and water pipeline operators are using the wireless to gain deeper insight into the health of critical infrastructure.

Agriculture and Environment

In arid agriculture climates, water is always a concern. Irrigation has to be managed so the amount you water matches the optimal stress curve for your specific crop. But how you manage this becomes more complicated as climate change, drought, regulation and limited land use all threaten the high quality and quantity of your harvest. Plus, poorly managed irrigation systems can cause soil damage, environmental problems and contribute to water shortages.


Medical and Healthcare

Healthcare should be affordable and accessible. But with skyrocketing costs, disparate information systems, and ever-changing regulations, that’s easier said than done. That’s why we are working with the best minds in the industry to address the challenges of coordinating care and improving access to services. The CWNES has developed affordable healthcare technology solutions that support the secure exchange of patient data while helping provide real-time access to care and remote patient monitoring—from virtually anywhere.


Helping city officials and connected solution providers create transformative new services that make cities safer and more efficient. The wireless is making it possible to make cities greener, safer and more efficient. By connecting devices, vehicles and infrastructure everywhere in a city, governments and their partners can reduce energy and water consumption, keep people moving efficiently, and improve safety and quality of life.


Public super fast Wi-Fi®

Today, the general public expect to be able to connect through free or paid Wi-Fi, wherever they are. By definition, public venues are often large areas needing many wireless access points. This can be challenging from an implementation perspective and needs an in-depth understanding of Wi-Fi® behaviour.
The CWNES has significant experience in public venues including Wi-Fi® celluar network. The retail sector is arguably where Wi-Fi® will be leveraged more than anywhere else over the next few years. Wi-Fi® can act as an added avenue for retailers to communicate with shoppers. Ultimately it can directly lead to increased time that customers spend in-store through tailored marketing and promotional offers.

Location as a Service

High-accuracy location services is increasingly becoming central to the wireless user experience. Location as a Services (LaaS) are being used for applications ranging from finding friends and family to tracking packages for enterprises to wireless advertising. In all these examples, higher accuracy translates into higher revenues for wireless operators and superior benefits to consumers and enterprises. That is why they are turning to the CWNES for the most accurate software-based solution for enabling a wide variety of revenue-generating location-based services.